Kinetoscope: Screendance Film Festival

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December 5-6

SinceYouWere Screenshot 2013

RAWdance’s short film since you went tours to western Montana for the Kinetoscope: Screendance Film Festival. Presenter Bare Bait Dance writes, “The festival’s name is inspired by an early motion-picture device with Greek origins meaning “to view movement.” The kinetoscope device screened some of the first film shorts and we hope to continue the tradition as Kinetoscope brings never-before-seen-in-Montana dance to the screen.”

since you went was created in collaboration with Rapt Productions, and was shot at the Djerassi Resident Artists Program.


7 and 9pm, December 5 and 6


The Roxy Theater
718 S. Higgins Ave
Missoula, Montana