Counting the Hours: a collaboration with Sawyer Rose

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September 19

Counting the Hours

RAWdance joins forces with Bay Area-based sculpture, installation, and social practice artist, Sawyer Rose, for her newest exhibit, Counting the Hours.

Counting the Hours shines a light on the systemic and pervasive inequalities that working women face, including the physical, emotional, and practical effects of these disproportionate labor loads. Rose uses a unique combination of art and science to communicate her findings about women’s work. Her large-scale installation sculptures in Counting the Hours are built using real-life work data collected from female-identifying workers from all walks of life and from across the U.S. Participants record their work hours, paid and unpaid. Then, Rose translates each subject’s hours into a data visualization sculpture that helps viewers better understand the vast number of hours each woman logs at her paid job and at her un-paid home or volunteer job.

The Counting the Hours exhibition also features a new series of wall works that uses data visualization to help explain some of the most hotly debated current labor issues: the gender pay gap, unequal representation of women in leadership positions, and the “double burden” of women in the workforce who are also caregivers.

RAWdance is thrilled to collaborate on a companion dance piece inspired by Sawyer Rose’s subjects, process, and visual art works, which will be performed at the exhibit’s opening reception at Code and Canvas.

Free admission


Performance at 7:30pm, Thursday, Sept 19

(gallery is open fro 6-9pm)


Code & Canvas
151 Potrero Ave.
San Francisco 94103



Dance photo by Jason Lam
Sculpture photo courtesy of Sawyer Rose